Bradford Family History Society places great importance on the privacy of both our members and others. Privacy is guarded in several ways:

Bradford Family History Society places great importance on the privacy of both our members and others. Privacy is guarded in several ways:

Adopted 6 Sept. 2012


These are submitted to the Membership Secretary and are kept in accordance with the Data Protection Act. The names and addresses of members are held in a computer database to help with producing mailing labels for the Bod-Kin, managing membership subscriptions and maintaining our Directory of Members’ Interests. This database is only used for Society administration and it will not be passed on to any other person or organisation. If you object to your name and address being held on computer please inform the Membership Secretary in writing.

These details are only available to Officers of the Society who have need of that information:

When a member contacts an officer, for whatever reason, that officer will try to reply promptly. Do remember that they are all volunteers with many other commitments. If the person contacted cannot give a complete reply to a query, the letter/email may be forwarded to someone else with more knowledge of the subject raised. The letter will not be made public unless at the request of the member concerned.

Members’ Interests

These are submitted on a form that states that new submissions will be placed, quarterly, in our journal with names and contact details.

It also states that a new Members’ Only section of our website is being developed where the Member’s Interests will appear with the submitter’s membership number. No contact details will appear. Contact will be via electronically redirected emails.  If a member does not have an email address, contact will be via our Members Interest Liaison Officer who will forward the initial postal enquiry so allowing the recipient the opportunity to reply to the enquiry.

Access to the Members Only Area

You will need to be a fully paid-up member of the Bradford Family History Society

  1. You will need to register as a site user by entering your membership number, email address and a password
  2. An email will be sent requiring you to verify the details and subsequently you will receive confirmation that you now have access to the Members Area.
  3. Every time you wish to use it, you will need to log in using this information but not to re-register.
  4. Please note that your registration details MUST match the information of your membership records. This will be checked and then an email sent to you asking you to activate this registration.  This is not an automated process so it may take a few days to check your details. If you have not heard within 2 weeks, please contact us. [Information on the member’s registration page].


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For further information on our use of cookies see our page regarding Cookies in use on this site.


In creating a publication, memorials placed on public view will be transcribed in their entirety. As these are already on public view, this does not invade any privacy.

Transcription of parish and non-conformist registers is limited to those entries not containing information about a living person and which are unlikely to cause resurgence of a recent trauma.  In general:

i. Baptisms: no records less than 100 years old are included

ii. Marriages: no records less than 80 years old are included

iii. Burials: no records less than 20 years old are included.

NB. Some variation on this may need to be considered – e.g.  Cut off point in a register, completion of a family unit or closure of a graveyard. The relevant church will be involved in any such decision.

Changes to the Policy

Bradford Family History Society has the right to update this privacy policy. We encourage you to review this policy periodically so as to be informed of how we are protecting your information.

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