Constitution of the Bradford Family History Society

Read the Constitution of the Bradford Family History Society

Read the Constitution of the Bradford Family History Society

(Approved at the EGM on 7th July 2017)

1. Name.

The Society shall be known as the Bradford Family History Society.

2. Aims and Objects.

The Objects of the Society shall be to promote Family History by education, mutual assistance, demonstrations, lectures, excursions and any other means conductive to its advancement.

3. Membership and Subscriptions.

(i) Membership of the Society is open to all who support the Aims and Objects of the Society.

(ii) Subscriptions become payable on joining the Society and thereafter on the first of January each year.

(iii) Membership will lapse if payment of subscription is not made within three months of it becoming due.

(iv) The rates of subscriptions and categories of membership shall be recommended by the Committee from time to time and ratified at the following Annual General Meeting (AGM) but variations to reflect unforeseen circumstances may be made without such referral.

(v) Honorary membership is at the discretion of the Committee.

(vi) All members to have voting rights and those over eighteen years of age to be eligible to serve, if elected, on the Committee.

(vii) The Committee, referred to in section 5 below, has power to refuse any application for membership or to suspend any member whose activities are considered by a simple majority of the Committee, to be detrimental to the Society achieving its aims and objects.

4. Benefits of membership.

Subject to any particular limitation and condition considered necessary by the Committee from time to time, members:

(i) May attend all meetings, visits and activities of the Society.

(ii) May use all the facilities of the Society provided for its members, together with any external facilities arranged by the Committee.

(iii) Shall receive copies of the Society’s journal for each year that a subscription is paid.

5. The Committee.

(i) The Society shall be administered by a Committee of eleven (11) members that shall include the Officers (Chairman, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer) elected by paid-up members at the AGM (see section 6 below). The appointments are effective immediately after the vote.

(ii) The Committee shall have the power to fill vacancies by co-option.

(iii) The Committee shall have the power to co-opt up to two additional members to serve until the next AGM.

(iv) The Committee shall serve the Society for a term of one year. All members shall be eligible for election or re-election on completion of their term of service.

(v) The Committee shall usually meet at five (5) pre-determined dates but additional committee meetings may be called by an Officer.

(vi) To be quorate, meetings must include one officer and four other elected members.

(vii) Voting shall be decided by a simple majority of votes cast but in the event of a tie the chairman shall have a further, casting vote.

(viii) The Committee may, from time to time, form ad hoc or sub-committees.

(ix) Normally minutes of the last Committee Meeting shall be available to members at monthly meetings.

(x) The accounts shall be inspected annually by a competent person who shall be appointed by the Committee.

(xi) The Officers and Members of the Committee shall each be indemnified by the Society against any liability, claim or demand arising from any action taken or omission in good faith by them on behalf of the Society or its Members in the administration of the Society.

6. Annual General Meeting

(i) The Annual General Meeting shall normally be held during the month of April each year but in any case within six months of the end of the financial year which shall run from 1st January to 31st December. At least twenty-one (21) days notice shall be sent in writing to all members. The business of the Annual General Meeting should include: Receiving and approving the Annual Reports. Receiving and approving the examined accounts. Electing Officers and members of the Committee to serve until the next AGM. Consideration of any business which has either been published in the Agenda or notified to the Committee in writing at least 3 weeks in advance of the AGM.

(ii) Lists shall be available at meetings during the 3 months prior to the AGM on which nominations for officers and committee members shall be entered. Nominations must be proposed and seconded by members and have the consent of the nominee.

(iii) Except when a change in the Constitution is proposed, voting at any meeting, including the AGM, shall be by a simple majority with a casting vote by the Chairman.

(iv) Suggested changes to the Constitution must be notified to all members in advance of the AGM or Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM). For the changes to take effect, a two-thirds (2/3) majority of those present is needed.

(v) Accidental omission of notification to an individual member shall not invalidate the meeting.

7. Extraordinary General Meeting.

An EGM of the Society may be convened at any time by a resolution of the Committee or upon a requisition signed by twenty-one (21) members stating the object of the meeting. A meeting called by such a requisition shall be called by the Secretary of the Society within three months, giving the members at least twenty-one (21) days notice in writing of such a meeting.

8. Finance.

(i) Any excess of income over expenditure shall be applied to furthering the aims and objects of the Society.

(ii) The Society’s monies shall be deposited in a bank or building society in the name of Bradford Family History Society. No payment shall be made other than by cheque, bank transfers or through an official petty cash account, supported by vouchers.

(iii) The Treasurer and two other Committee members shall be designated signatories to the accounts. Any two (2) of these three (3) will be needed for dual authorisation of transactions.

(iv) Honoraria may be paid, on recommendation of the Committee, ratified at an AGM.

(v) Speaker’s fees may be paid to a Charity of the Speaker’s choice if the fee is waived.

9. Dissolution.

Bradford Family History Society may only be dissolved at an Extraordinary Meeting called for that purpose. Twenty-one (21) clear days notice of this intention shall be sent to all members of the Bradford Family History Society. A two-thirds (2/3) majority of those present and voting would be required. On Dissolution, any assets remaining after the satisfaction of all debts and other liabilities, shall be disposed of according to the majority wishes of the members of the Society present at the Dissolution meeting, and specific regard to other groups or societies with similar or related aims and objects.

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