Bradford Cathedral

      We are co-operating with Bradford Historical and Antiquarian Society and the staff at the Cathedral to photograph and record all the memorials within the Cathedral.  A second stage of this long-term project will be biographies of the people mentioned which will then be added to the basic data. The results of this will be trialled by the Cathedral staff in their talks and tours before it is eventually made generally available.

Heaton Highgate Baptist Cemetery, Bradford

In 1998/9 we transcribed the burial registers of the Burial Board and recorded the memorial inscriptions in the cemetery. We are now working on an Early Graves  supplement to this which we hope will be available within the next few months.

Completed Projects

Queensbury Municipal cemetery

Project of recordings of the inscriptions in the municipal cemetery is now available. NB This does NOT include the Church inscriptions. For more information, click here.

Several projects have been completed in the past and have been published by the society. Select the link below to view these items.

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