Bradford Parish Church Graveyard Transcriptions, 2001

The following is an extract taken from the Bradford Parish Church Graveyard Transcriptions, 2001.

(N.B. the colours have been added here in order to make the interpretation easier to follow. An explanation of this is given below the extract.)


MA 157 BBN: Entry 894, Page 565                                    
Cracked stone    
                              IMO Abraham CRABTREE, farmer of Heaton Syke, bachelor, WDTL Oct 30 1832 aged 72 years {PRS: OK} {BBN: "aged __ years"}

+ IMO Martha wife of John FIRTH and sister to TA WDTL Mar 15 1838 aged 71 years



The meaning of this is as follows:-

First Line.

MA 157 is the headstone reference number. The headstone can be found in the Main Area (MA) and is number 157 on the maps provided in the publication.

BBN: Entry 894, Page 565 indicates that the transcription can be found in the Blackburn Registers for Bradford parish church, entry number 894 on page 565.

Second Line.

Cracked stone - the headstone was cracked at the time of this project.


{PRS: OK} after the details for Abraham CRABTREE means that Abraham's burial was found in the "Name Index to Bradford Parish Church Burials 1681-1837" published by Bradford Family History Society in 1997, and the details agree basically with the monumental inscription. Had there been a discrepancy it would have been stated instead of OK. N.B. the details for Martha, who died in 1838, will not be found in the Name Index because only burials up to and including 1837 are included in the Name Index.

{BBN: "aged __ years"} after the end of Abraham's details indicates that in the Blackburn Registers Abraham's age could not be deciphered by Arthur Blackburn.

There is a list of abbreviations used, such as  +   IMO  and  WDTL, in the publication.

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